Technology never sleeps – and the flipbook is no exception to the rule.

Sometimes we take technology for granted, forgetting that it’s constantly in flux, always being upgraded. You’re bound to be familiar with the flip book, but is it possible that you haven’t been keeping up to date with the leaps and bounds this particular bit of technology has been quietly making over the past few years? Gone are the days when it was principally admired for its novelty value. This piece of kit is the key to producing content that will really make people sit up and take notice of what you’ve got to say. In the shape of an online magazine creator, it allows an inexperienced operator to develop interactive, eye-catching content in a very short space of time. Companies like Webpublication, which sells this type of software, also provide a publication development and design service if you really don’t even have ten minutes to spare to do it yourself. So, designing and producing informative, elegant-looking interactive pdfs or e-brochure style documents is now well within your reach. Now you can beef up your content with video, sound and HD images and distribute it to the widest possible market by embedding it online or sharing it via social networking sites.

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