Treat your feet to a fashion makeover

Occasionally women’s footwear is seen as a poor relation compared with other types of clothes. That’s such a shame. Hit the right note with your choice of footwear, you’ll often find that fashion-wise, everything follows after that. A key fashion item for every fashion-lover’s collection is a good set of half boots. The range of choice just keeps on growing with models aimed at dance floor divas, those weekly shopping expeditions, nattering at the school gates, ladies who lunch or just that trifling undertaking of looking beautiful. Keep your eyes peeled for some retro looks, unusual fabric mixes and buckles galore. Timeless shades including black, grey and chocolate are a common theme as always. That’s not to say you can’t be a little bolder. Leopardskin effect fabric anyone?Anyone for leopardskin style fabric? Or try shiny metallic blue out for size. The synthetic fur look is also thriving.However, if you’re really after more colourful looks, you should switch your attention to our range of ladies’ shoes. There’s nothing quite like a pair to make you feel really glammed-up. Let colours run riot with some great combinations such as black, scarlet and white or bottle green, shocking pink and yellow. Bring extra interest to your heels with rhinestone details or get belted up with buckles, both of the chunky and the discreet variety.
The shoes are sorted out, so what about the rest of you? Everybody’s dressing to impress at this time of year so the name of the game is sophistication. Choosing a few dresses is a good place to start. If you generally opt for less bright tones you’re in for a treat. Warm rust browns and gentle greys are the order of the day although stronger shades feature in solid colour looks and twinned with black, often in the shape of stripes, whether wide or slim

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