Get shod in style thanks to Modatoi!

On the look out for a selection of ladies’ shoe models? boasts a huge selection of shoes – all in the one place.
One eye-catching trend this season has to be the return in force of platforms. A design evolution rather than a throwback to the old days would be the best way of describing this latest manifestation of the platform. Today, instead of it being just about adding on the inches, above all, people want to play around with form. Out goes the heavy-looking design we’re so familiar with, in comes a slightly sleeker version. Equally daring looks can be found in the ladies’ boots making the rounds. Wonderfully cheerful shades of scarlet, mauve, hot pink and yellow are very much the order of the day. One thing’s sure, your legs will definitely go wild with the wide variety of fake animal hide/print looks – there’s everything from leopard to zebra, snake and crocodile!
What’s more, now half boot heaven is yours for the taking. Of course, half boot doesn’t mean half the fun – far from it! For instance, you’ll just love the contrasts of different colours and materials on offer – try hot pink and black, orange and blue or even pvc and suede look combos.

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