Struggling to connect your customers with your creative side? Flipbooks can help!

Maybe you’re one of those people who find it really hard to translate their creativity to the computer screen. Existing online content creation solutions seem too complex to you, assume too much prior tech savvy, are time-consuming and lack flexibility. Tech companies have been working hard to remedy these issues, and the result is a new type of flipbook which is designed to be infinitely more powerful, intuitive and versatile than its predecessors. One of the big names in this kind of software is Webpublication. This company produces a package that will enable you to design an online brochure that will wow your prospects, produce an e-catalogue to die for and create professional-looking corporate magazines allowing you to reach new readerships. This software stands out for its simplicity – it’s possible to start creating content in just minutes, rather than hours or days – but it’s a powerful creative tool as well. Its raft of rich media options make it ideal for developing collateral such as an interactive pdf. Even the pickiest of consumers will enjoy the flash animations, HD images, video, sound and hypertext links that are part and parcel of the latest flip book software – see the webpublication website for samples of the content produced.

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