Shelter from the holiday summer sun with a caravan awning!

It’s not often we have a problem with too much sun in the UK, but this year has broken a few records in that regard. For caravanners, it’s good to remember that an awning can be useful not just to provide you with some extra living or sleeping space, but also as a kind of sun canopy or porch, as many modern models have removable front or side panels that let the breeze circulate whilst still providing you with excellent shade. If you’re on the look-out for caravan awnings for sale, the obvious place to start is online. Many different companies sell these kinds of products for caravans, often along with a range of motorhome awnings too. Things to look for include the quality of the materials used in the awning’s construction – are they made by a reputable manufacturer or not – as well as versatility and ease of assembly. The same criteria apply to 4 seasons awnings, although obviously these are slightly different models designed to cope with rather different weather conditions compared to those experienced by most of us on our annual jaunt to the seaside. One example of an awning from this stable Is Eurovent’s Montreux four seasons awning.

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