For recession-busting looks, why not turn to leather?

People are turning to leather more and more in these economically tough times. As a material, it has obvious attractions when cash is tight. It’s long-lasting, retains its looks over time, is extremely functional and never really goes out of fashion! Perhaps this explains the popularity of sites such as, with its huge selection of leather goods for a range of budgets and uses. Given its toughness, leather is also the material of choice when it comes to offering a degree of protection to valuable possessions. This could be your latest electronic gadget – or something less high-tech, but in many ways more valuable – your travel documents. A leather passport holder is a time-honoured way of keeping your passport crease-free and unscuffed. If you’d like something to stand out from the traditional black or navy blue holders, there’s nothing to stop you picking more unusual colours like purple, fuchsia, light green or sky blue. Naturally, these holders can be personalized by adding your initials in gold or silver embossed writing on the cover. Lucrin also has a great wallet selection too, and once again, the name of the game is variety. Dozens of different colours are available and leathers range from calfskin to real ostrich!

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